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Country location

You'll be asked to point different countries on a map.


Find a country with current flag and point it on a map.


Read a name of a capital and find a country to which it belongs.

Provinces of a country

Point all provinces or regions of a specific country.

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About us

It’s so important to know the world we live in. But it’s so huge! There are so many countries, cities, flags, rivers, seas and more than 7 billions of people. Do everyone know all countries of the world? Probably not :) Some people even don’t know neighboring countries.

And I understand why. Sometimes learning is too complicated or a geography teacher is too boring at school :) But let’s change it, let’s make geography interesting. That’s why was created.

We’re a group of enthusiasts who wants to help you discover the world. It’s so interesting, there’re so many places you’ll want to visit, there’re so many countries probably you even didn’t hear of. At the time of writing, there were 195 countries. How many can you... read more