Countries of South America - Map Quiz Game
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Countries of South America - Map Quiz Game

Current quiz contains 13 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Interesting facts about South America:

  • Brazil has more internet users than any other country in South America.
  • The highest waterfall in the world (Salto Angel) is located in Venezuela. It’s more than 1000 meters high. Unfortunately not everyone can see this miracle as it’s in hard-to-reach places.
  • Did you know that Venezuela was named after the European city of Venice? They are very similar in building of houses on water.
  • The largest city in South America is located in Brazil. It’s Sao Paulo.
  • Atacama Desert which is located in Chile is the most driest place in the world. There was absolutely no rainfall for the last 400 years. That’s why the air is very dry (0%) and the mountains, despite the impressive height of 7 km, do not have glacial caps.
  • Amazon River is the longest river in the world.
  • Paraguay is the only country in the world whose flag has different emblems on each side.
  • Thanks to Brazil, South America won more World Cup championships than any other continent.
  • South America - the habitat of the world's largest beetles, most poisonous frogs, the biggest butterflies and the smallest monkeys.